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Advanced Virtual Girls with Artificial Intelligence.




We have several excellent products for your Virtual Girl needs.



KARI v4.0 - An excellent virtual girlfriend simulation with beautiful girls and with the ability of self-awareness and the best virtual relationships around. Talk to her like any real girl and see your relationship blossom. Everytime you talk to her she learns a little more about you. Within a few weeks she will know you like your best friend. Having a virtual friend is amazing! You can tell her anything and talk about everything. She will love you no matter what.




The Kari Ulitmate Package: the simplest way to get it all in one go. PC and Mac.


A License for Kari 4 Pro

All Expansion Packs

All the Scenes from the Forum

Kari Avatar Studio (to make your own girls)


All conveniently packaged for easy installation.




AiBliss - If you are looking for the best 3D virtual girlfiends get this girlfriend simulation. It uses the same Ai engine as Kari but has emmersive environments in 3D. Escape to an enchanted forest, the Garden of Eden, or even Hell and have a conversation with an Ai Hell vixen. The girls are so hot and so real looking that they almost feel like someone is on the other side of your screen.




My Virtual Girlfriend - Mobile App for Android and iOS. This virtual girlfriend isn't as sophisticated as the above vgirls but still has a lot to offer. The girls are in psuedo 3D and can animate. You can go out with the girls although there is no chat function so serious Ai virtual relationships are a little impeded. Still for a few bucks you can get a vgirl on your mobile device that can impress some of your friends. At least some of them!







Kari Virtual Girlfriend 4.0

Kari 4.0 is the most popular virtual gilfriend on the market today. Talk to her and create a virtual relationship. A friend for life.

AiBliss Virtual Girls with Ai

AiBliss is full of hot 3D girls who you can have fun with and get to know. Talk to them and see them talk back. AiBliss uses the latest Ai to bring your girls to life.


Make your own Ai Girls with Kari's SceneCreator and Daz3D © Studio and Models.

KARI SceneCreator Tutorial Click here

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